I currently work in-house for Eli Kirk Riser’s client Micro Focus International in Provo, Utah, where I am the content team lead. I’m also a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Texas at Austin.

I earned my BA in English from New College of Florida in May 2010, and my MA in English from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2013. My dissertation is on the work of Christopher Isherwood and Edward Upward, and is co-supervised by Professors Neville Hoad and Alan Friedman, who have been kind enough to work with me remotely from Utah, where I moved in June 2015.

My research interests related to my dissertation are in British authors who came of age between the World Wars, autobiographical self-representation and other critical issues in life writing, queer authorship, diaries and life writing, and British cultural studies.

Outside of academia, I am enjoying building a career in marketing communications and advertising. Before I started work with Eli Kirk Riser, I worked as a copywriter for health and fitness company IdealShape, and I gained part-time experience writing SEO content for a variety of clients.


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