Sales Copywriter at IdealShape LLC

As you may have seen on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, I was hired as a Sales Copywriter at IdealShape LLC in American Fork, Utah, in December. Most of my work is related to the IdealFit brand.

IMG_2900I decided to look for non-academic jobs for two reasons. The first is that I tend to perform best when I’m busy, and being on a dissertation fellowship did not make me busy! I’ve actually written more of my dissertation since I started working full-time than I did before.

Secondly, I wanted to know if I would enjoy a non-academic career path. If I did, I figured that non-academic experience would be valuable since academia is a shaky job market these days. A good teaching job is by no means a guarantee.

And sure enough, I love this job. As of today, I still plan to enter the academic job market at some point, but I no longer feel stressed and anxious about my employment prospects. I am so happy that I decided to give this career path a shot. I am much more relaxed, productive, and happy since I started this job.

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