Friday Fives

Now that I actually have free time (free time!), I figured why not start writing a little in this blog? I’m not going to try to “catch up,” but I’d like to write here at least weekly. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do a Friday Fives series of recent events, their favorite things, books they’ve been reading, whatever, so I’m going to try that.

Here are five things I’ve been enjoying this past week.

1. Vegas! 

IMG_1922.jpgAlex and I went over the Thanksgiving break. My parents came to take care of P, so we had Thanksgiving dinner with them and left the next morning. We flew so that we wouldn’t have to do a tiring drive or worry about the weather in Utah (it’s usually snowing by now). We stayed at the Cosmopolitan and had a great time. It was much more relaxed than I expected. I didn’t feel like I always needed to be dressed up or anything. We ate a lot of great food, laid around by the pool, and enjoyed a nice hotel room.



2. My 365 journal. 

I ordered this journal last year and slacked on it a lot, especially right around when P was born, but I’m trying to write in it again. I’ve missed a few days, but I’ve done pretty well so far.

3. Christmas decorations!


I haven’t been able to get a nicely-lit picture of these, but we have one on each front window and a matching wreath on the door. I got everything from At Home, which is one of those warehouse home decor stores. I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I love it. Ofcourse I’d like to have a fully West Elm or Pottery Barn home, but I cannot justify spending like $800 on holiday decorations! Anyway, these are nice especially because I don’t think we’ll be getting a tree this year. For one thing, we have a baby who is pulling up on everything, and for another, we’ll be out of town for the holiday itself. I think I’ll just get a cute tabletop tree for 2017.


4. Turning 30.

Yep, that happened! We celebrated in Vegas, on my actual birthday we went out for lunch, and then last night we had friends over for drinks and food. It’s been a big year: I had a baby, bought a house, and finished my doctorate. If you had asked me if I would do those three things before turning 30 when I was 20, I would have said NO.

5. Feeding my kid.

P is really into solid food now. He stands up and begs for our meals if we eat in front of him, so we have started feeding him a lot more. On my birthday he tried fish and ice cream for the first time and loved them both… especially the ice cream. (I know, I know, he shouldn’t have sugar. Oh well.) I found these meatballs at Target this week, and they’re his current favorite snack, along with shredded cheddar cheese and unsalted canned green beans.

I have a big week at work coming up, so here we go…


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