Friday Fives

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week!

1. Dieting. 

My husband and I decided to cut added sugar, white/refined carbs, beer, and all fried


last hurrah on New Year’s Eve

items from our diets. This means so white rice, no bread, hardly any packaged foods, and definitely no junk. I’m eating a lot of rye, a lot of avocado, and a lot of protein.

2. Barre3. 

I renewed by online subscription and have started doing the shorter workouts again. I felt silly paying for a subscription, but after a few months without it, I realized that I genuinely missed barre workouts. So far, it’s my favorite form of exercise.

3. Amazon.

With my husband out of town a lot, Amazon has been saving me as far as diapers, makeup, and other stuff that I’d normally have to make a trip to Costco or Target for. I just do not have time right now.

4. Board games.

I ordered Scrabble and Sequence with some gift cards I had recently because I’m tired of our “hang out time” in the evenings just being TV. I’m hoping we can build a collection of games that we can play as a whole family later.

5. My inkWELL press planner.

I got the daily version and so far I love it. The dates and days are blank, so you can easily use one page for any day, skip days, only do weekdays, etc.


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