Copywriter for EKR at Micro Focus

I decided to leave my work at IdealShape behind when I was offered a position as a copywriter for Eli Kirk Riser, a marketing agency in Provo, Utah. I’ll be working in an embedded marketing team for EKR’s largest client, Micro Focus International.


I’m excited for this new chapter in my work life.

Sales Copywriter at IdealShape LLC

As you may have seen on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, I was hired as a Sales Copywriter at IdealShape LLC in American Fork, Utah, in December. Most of my work is related to the IdealFit brand.

IMG_2900I decided to look for non-academic jobs for two reasons. The first is that I tend to perform best when I’m busy, and being on a dissertation fellowship did not make me busy! I’ve actually written more of my dissertation since I started working full-time than I did before.

Secondly, I wanted to know if I would enjoy a non-academic career path. If I did, I figured that non-academic experience would be valuable since academia is a shaky job market these days. A good teaching job is by no means a guarantee.

And sure enough, I love this job. As of today, I still plan to enter the academic job market at some point, but I no longer feel stressed and anxious about my employment prospects. I am so happy that I decided to give this career path a shot. I am much more relaxed, productive, and happy since I started this job.

Christopher Isherwood Foundation Fellowship

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been awarded a two month fellowship at the Huntington Library in Pasadena with the Christopher Isherwood Foundation. You can find my name on this list, very near another UT Austin English grad student!

Huntington Library

Huntington Library

I plan to arrive in Los Angeles the weekend before my library orientation date on July 13th, and stay until September 9th for a full eight weeks. I’m very excited to see what I’ll find in the huge collection of Isherwood papers that the Huntington holds.

‘All the Conspirators’ on London Fictions

A piece I wrote about Christopher Isherwood’s 1928 novel All the Conspirators has appeared on the London Fictions website, thanks to Andrew Whitehead, who runs this wonderful page. London Fictions features articles about works of fiction set in London, from George Gissing’s 1889 The Nether World to Zadie Smith’s 2012 NW.

All the Conspirators

first edition dust jacket

I first heard of London Fictions at the Literary London Conference I attended in 2013, and I am very excited to be able to add Christopher Isherwood to the project.