Successfully Defended

I successfully defended my dissertation and am finished with school! It feels amazing to be done, and my defense went even better than I expected. My co-supervisors were Alan Friedman and Neville Hoad, and committee members were Mia Carter (who first introduced me to Christopher Isherwood), David Kornhaber, and Michael Charlesworth (from the Art History department).
Photo Oct 20The defense was much more like a conversation than like a question-and-answer session (or a roast!), which made it relaxed and enjoyable. I wasn’t given any significant revisions, but I was given some amazing ideas for adapting this project and turning it into something bigger and more interesting, which I’m very excited about. Even though I’m probably leaving academia—or at least not making a career of it—I don’t want to put this project completely behind me. It has been too interesting and too influential to be left behind.

I also got to spend a few days in Austin catching up with my grad school friends and with my college friend L.A. Fields, who I hadn’t seen since 2012. She lives in Dallas now and came over to Austin to see me.

The best thing about completing my PhD is the feeling of getting closure on the “school” phase of my life without leaving behind the relationships I built at UT or the project that made me want to finish the degree. What I’m most looking forward to now is adapting my dissertation and reading more! I want to revisit my favorite Isherwood works without the pressure of the dissertation, and I want to start reading my London Reviews again, not to mention catching up on the backlog of fiction and non-fiction books on my “to-read” list!

Dissertation Defense Scheduled

My dissertation defense is scheduled! I am so excited to be


Japanese Gardens at the Huntington, 2015

wrapping up this interesting chapter in my life. I haven’t updated much about the process of completing the project because I’ve been so busy with work, a new house, and a new baby.

I’ll be in Austin for a couple of days, and I’m looking forward not only to wrapping up my grad school experience but also to catching up with my friends and professors. I haven’t seen them in person since April 2016 when I flew to Texas for a brief visit.

Wish me luck!

Content Team Lead for EKR at Micro Focus

After our previous Content Team Lead left for another opportunity (and after I returned from maternity leave!) I was made Content Team Lead for the copywriting team at Micro Focus. I now manage a team of writers.


I was so happy to be given this opportunity to gain management experience, and so far I’m enjoying my new responsibilities.

Copywriter for EKR at Micro Focus

I decided to leave my work at IdealShape behind when I was offered a position as a copywriter for Eli Kirk Riser, a marketing agency in Provo, Utah. I’ll be working in an embedded marketing team for EKR’s largest client, Micro Focus International.


I’m excited for this new chapter in my work life.

Sales Copywriter at IdealShape LLC

As you may have seen on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, I was hired as a Sales Copywriter at IdealShape LLC in American Fork, Utah, in December. Most of my work is related to the IdealFit brand.

IMG_2900I decided to look for non-academic jobs for two reasons. The first is that I tend to perform best when I’m busy, and being on a dissertation fellowship did not make me busy! I’ve actually written more of my dissertation since I started working full-time than I did before.

Secondly, I wanted to know if I would enjoy a non-academic career path. If I did, I figured that non-academic experience would be valuable since academia is a shaky job market these days. A good teaching job is by no means a guarantee.

And sure enough, I love this job. As of today, I still plan to enter the academic job market at some point, but I no longer feel stressed and anxious about my employment prospects. I am so happy that I decided to give this career path a shot. I am much more relaxed, productive, and happy since I started this job.